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Stairs and Handrails in Ottawa

Building trust each step of the way, we create durable and beautiful staircases and hand railings. Stairways are centerpieces in your home and serving both a practical and decorative purpose. A customized rail provides an elevated aesthetic value, as well as, ensuring that the staircase is safe to use.

When a handrail or full railing is part of a project, we have a handrail expert in our network, with 34 years of experience under his belt. Someone we trust because he delivers quality workmanship.


Reliable Stairs and Handrails From Royal Hardwood Floors

Stairways are an essential part of many homes. Not only do you want them to look beautiful, but they also need to adhere to safety standards. Royal Hardwood Floors can create reliable stairs and handrails, in addition to hardwood floor refinishing. Installing stairs and handrails can appear daunting to many homeowners. There are several building codes it’s important to be familiar with, and if stairs aren’t constructed properly, they can become safety hazards. Many of our clients have questions about how to adhere to Canadian building codes.

Step Up With Royal Hardwood Floors

Creating a stairway can be a daunting task for many homeowners. There are several details to take into consideration, and many of them are indispensable to the safety and functionality of the staircase. Royal Hardwood Floors presents a reliable solution to the Ottawa, ON community. Our services centered on stairs and handrails can make the process of creating a landing and installing a railing much easier for busy homeowners. At Royal Hardwood Floors, safety is our top priority, and we’re committed to creating stairs that meet your aesthetic satisfaction without compromising security. We adhere to all of the aforementioned building codes for stairways, and we strive to provide the best results possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadian code for stairs specifies that stairs can be a maximum of 209 millimeters (8.25 inches) tall and 101.6 (4 inches) millimeters minimum. You’ll want to make sure you keep to these specifications to make climbing the stairs as natural as possible. Should you need help determining which stair height is best for you, within these parameters, the team at Royal Hardwood Floors can point you in the right direction.

The Ontario Building Code features a specific section on stair width. Here, it states that stairs in residential buildings must be at least 900 millimeters in width. That means the space between both walls (or wall and the end of the stair) must measure this length to be up to code. Since our first priority at Royal Hardwood Flooring is safety, we ensure all of our projects meet this standard.

When constructing stairways, there are a few things to keep in mind in terms of height. If your stairs reach above 12 feet before reaching the floor level, you’ll be required to install a landing as well. The landing, then, needs to extend to at least the 900-millimeter width required of a stair step. The minimum dimension for a landing, in the direction of travel, is 914 millimeters.

Handrails are required for stairways that are between 111.75 and 223.5 centimeters (44 and 88 inches) in width. With these dimensions, a handrail is necessary on each enclosed side of the stairway, and a standard railing is needed on open sides. Generally, handrails should sit between 76.2 and 86.4 centimeters (30 and 34 inches) above the forward edge of every stair step. Handrails on both sides of your stairs are required unless the stairway is less than 111.75 centimeters in width. In these instances, the stairway needs only one handrail. The exception is stairways that are open on the sides; railings are required on the open sides of the stairway. Handrails are required for stairs that have less than four steps. If you find navigating stair and handrail codes challenging or would like more information, consult the experts at Royal Hardwood Floors. We’re always happy to help make the process easier and would love to assist you in creating a stairway that adheres to all these codes.

Contact our Ottawa, ON office today for more information on how we can help you create a beautiful stairway.

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