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Refinishing Services in Ottawa

Are your floors dull and lifeless with scratches, water damage and gaps that ruin their appearance? For lasting beauty you can count on us for a job well done. Our roots grow down deep and we want you to be proud of your floors! Sanding is a refined skill, we see it as an art form.

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Bring Your Floors Back to Life

We bring old wood floors back to life again, and we can refinish any type of hardwood floors. Even engineered wood. If someone tells you otherwise – give us a call – we are dedicated to educate consumers on what is possible.

Royal Hardwood Floors will make your floors look at their very best. Products we trust and use to refinish and stain floors are Dura Seal, Gym Finish and MinWax.

Reinvigorate Your Home With Royal Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are often a major selling point in a home. Their rich wood tones and easy cleaning attract countless buyers. But what happens after years of wear and tear, scratching, and water damage? Hardwood floors dull over time and lose the vibrancy that makes them such a sought-after commodity. However, dull hardwood can be brought back to life with professional refinishing. Hardwood floor refinishing, when done correctly, can give your floors lasting beauty. Ottawa, ON’s Royal Hardwood Floors is a top choice for refinishing services in the area. After hiring Royal Hardwood Floors, your gorgeous flooring will be the gem of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When deciding if your floors need a refinish, there are a few things to look for beyond normal wear and tear. While small scratches probably aren’t cause for concern, many deep scratches in your floor call for a refinish. Some scratches and chips go deeper than just the stain, so re-staining isn’t a practical option. If some areas of your floor are splintering, it’s also a reason to schedule hardwood floor refinishing. Discoloration is another clear way to tell if your floors need refinishing. This discoloration can be a result of sun exposure or the protection having worn off your wood. If the discoloration is gray, it’s especially important to address. The gray color is a result of absorbed water, and the boards will eventually turn black if left unchecked. Water damage of any kind also gives reason to call in a professional for hardwood floor refinishing.

Why do hardwood floors turn yellow? We’ve covered that your hardwood can become gray from absorbing water into the boards, but the yellow color is a result of a completely different kind of damage. If left exposed to light for a prolonged period of time, some types of hardwood floors will take on an orange or yellow sheen because wood is prone to reacting to sunlight. Fortunately, the professional team at Royal Hardwood Floors can refinish your floors to restore them to their original color.

We recommend that you refinish your hardwood floors every seven to ten years. However, you can always refinish your floors earlier than that if you’re unhappy with their appearance or you find discoloration. No matter your situation, Royal Hardwood Floors can provide you with top-quality flooring at a reasonable price. We’ve served the Ottawa, ON community for nearly 100 years, and we’re excited to help you as well. Don’t live with floors you aren’t happy with when you could instead have a full professional hardwood floor restoration.

Many homeowners are hesitant about hardwood floor refinishing because they assume it’s a long process. However, the team at Royal Hardwood Floors can do the job in about two days with a water-based polyurethane. Before the refinishing begins, we’ll need to make sure your floors are thick enough to be refinished. There needs to be at least 1/32 of an inch of wood on top to withstand the sanding process. If the thickness of your boards looks to be in order, we can start the process. We sand down your floors and apply new coats of stain (optional) and finish. The finish is usually applied in two coats. Each coat needs eight to 10 hours to dry properly, and then you’re all set to enjoy your hardwood floors again. Contact us for more information on the hardwood floor refinishing process.

While refinishing your hardwood floors certainly comes with more immediate expenses than doing nothing, it’s much cheaper than replacing them altogether. On average, replacement costs five times more than hardwood floor refinishing. When considering cost, it’s also important to consider the expenses you’ll be avoiding with a professional refinish. Floors can usually be refinished at least five times before they need replacing, so you’ll probably never be on the hook for a replacement. Plus, fixing small chips and scratches or minor water damage early with refinishing prevents them from getting worse and needing more extensive repair. If your Ottawa, ON home needs hardwood floor restoration, contact us for more information on what kinds of costs you can expect.

Contact our knowledgeable team today for more information on how we can give you the home of your dreams.

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