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Verdun Flooring

Royal Hardwood Floors History

Company Profile: in 1922, Roméo Chouinard founded ‘Verdun Flooring’ in Verdun, an area located in the West end of Montreal. Roméo employed his sons and other relatives, teaching the family the trade, which family members ended up continuing into the next generation. This is the seed secret that shapes and defines Royal Hardwood Floors. Roméo also grew the family business to employing in total approximately forty men, and had five trucks on the road. The company was then passed on to Maurice Chouinard in 1961 to 1990, Jean’s father. Since he was eleven years old he’s been working by his grandfather and father’s side.

Jeans Family

About Jean Chouinard

Jean Chouinard bought the company from his father in 1990. Representing the third generation in this family trade. Jean decided to move from working in Montreal to establish his services in Ottawa, in addition to downsizing to two trucks on the road. Today, with 45 years of experience, Jean developed deep-rooted wisdom. His passion and confidence shine through the work he delivers. “The Wood Whisperer” describes well Jean’s intuition when it comes to assessing a floor. A regular contractor-client named Jean “The Old Wood Floor Doctor,” this highlights his expert craftsmanship and uniqueness.

The Old Wood Floor Doctor

When it comes to assessing a floor, “The Wood Whisperer” describes Jean’s intuition well. A regular contractor-client named Jean “The Old Wood Floor Doctor” because this highlights his expert craftsmanship and uniqueness.

The owner started as representative and customer service over the phone, which evolved into administrative work, networking, website design, record radio jingles, and filmed promo videos. In 2005, the owner developed the company’s first website bringing the company online and surfing social media for the first time. Our team consists of 5 employees, and for specific large surface contracts, the team can grow up to 8 employees with a phone call.

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