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Royal Hardwood Floors Answers Your FAQs

Royal Hardwood Floors is Ottawa, ON’s choice for premier hardwood flooring services. Since 1922, we’ve provided the highest quality of installation, restoration, and repair of hardwood flooring. We know the importance of the artistry, durability, and beauty of hardwood floors. We’ve seen it all, so we can almost bring any dull hardwood back to its prime. Royal Hardwood Floors uses innovative products and materials to give your flooring the royal treatment. Contact our team today to get started with a free estimate!

Do I Need To Leave The House While The Floors Are Being Refinished?

You do not need to leave your home while your floors are being refinished. Thanks to our quality dustless equipment, you will not notice any dust in the air. The only reason you might want to leave is if the sanding is too loud.

How Long Does It Take To Make My Floor Look New Again?

Each flooring process is customized, so there is no set time. If you’re getting a new installation, the acclimation may take seven days. The type of wood and polyurethane used will affect the time. If you’re getting refinishing and remodeling done, your floors will look new in a few days.

What Is The Procedure For Refinishing Floors?

We follow a comprehensive refinishing process that includes:

  • Preparation – We prepare the room to sand by covering vents and ensuring our work won’t affect the area.
  • Dustless Sanding – We use a dustless sanding machine, which nearly eliminates the amount of dust caused by the refinishing process.
  • Apply Wood StainWe apply your choice of wood stain to the floors to transform your home.
  • Add The Finish – Our shiny, high-quality wood finish helps protect your floors from future damage.

What Is The Procedure To Re-Coat A Floor?

We will clean your floor and screen it, then apply two coats of finish.

What Should I Do When My Floors Start Looking Dull?

It’s best to try to clean your flooring before making any decisions about refinishing or repairing your hardwood floors. If you cannot get them clean, give us a call, and we’ll provide a detailed assessment of needed repairs.

Is Oil-Based Or Water-Based Polyurethane Better For Refinishing Hardwood Floors?

The base of polyurethane depends on your expected outcome. Water-based polyurethane provides a clear finish with a low odor. It dries within two hours, allowing us to apply several coats in one day. Water-based finish isn’t as shiny as oil-based. Oil-based polyurethane requires fewer coats, leaves a shining glow, is more durable, and requires less maintenance. The biggest con is that it takes a long time to dry.

I’m Having My Floors Stained, How And When Should I Choose My Stain Color?

Choosing a stain color is exciting with endless options. We’ll start the staining process after we’ve prepared and sanded the flooring. The things to consider when choosing a stain color include:

  • Pets – If you have pets, it’s usually best to choose a lighter stain color to hid pet hair and scratch marks.
  • Style – You should match the style of your home with complementing stain color.
  • Size Of Room – Lighter stain colors go well with smaller rooms to make them feel larger, while darker stain colors can be used in larger spaces.

Will The Decreased Humidity In The Winter Affect My Hardwood Floors?

It’s normal in the winter for slight gaps to happen between wood floorboards. Wood loses moisture and contracts in response to low humidity. This shouldn’t be an issue, but you can use a humidifier to prevent your home’s air from getting too dry.

What Is The Easiest Way To Set Up An Estimate?

The easiest way to set up an estimate for any of our flooring services is to contact us. We offer free quotes!

What Are The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is a timeless, classic material that lasts for decades. Some of its most popular benefits include:

  • Stunning appearance
  • Protection from water, dirt, and scratches
  • Increased home value
  • Diversity of styles and options
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypo-allergenic

Can We Install Hardwood Flooring In The Basement?

Hardwood flooring can be installed in the basement, but only if it is engineered hardwood. Excessive moisture causes solid hardwood floors to contract and expand below grade.